Autism supporting chocolatier

Chocolate for good cause, chocolate to change lives

The Autism supporting chocolatier create positive change throughout communities around the UK.

Mona, Shaz and their son Ash are behind the award-winning chocolatier Harry Specters.  Ash diagnosed with autism at 3 years old.

Harry Specters is a social business. The enterprise is dedicated to crafting the most delightful chocolates that create employment for young people with autism.

This year, Harry Specters produced custom chocolates for the #HeartOfSalford Awards event.

Putting the community first is Salford’s priority.

The Heart of Salford Awards are Salford CVS and Volunteer Centre Salford’s prestigious annual ceremony. Celebrating volunteering, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Salford.

As a social enterprise, the Autism supporting chocolatier is a business and a charity that role model for “great product, great cause”.

Founders Mona and Shaz, have a passion for helping people with autism because it is personal to them.

Their love for chocolate created the perfect blend for positive change across the UK.

Co founder Shaz in an interview says:

“Harry Specter’s is not just a charity. The business encourages improvement for autistic people. further more, it helps each individual with personal development.

Other enterprises support autistic people, but with only 1% of improvement, even since we started. There is much more that needs to be done.”

Harry Specters aim to create 100’s of jobs for young people suffering with autism, even though this has been challenging.

In 2018, Harry Specter’s produced over 238,832 chocolates. That’s a chocolate for everyone in their hometown.

Rachel Cable, a local resident said:

“I received a box of Harry Specter’s chocolates as a gift from a friend.

I hadn’t heard of the company before. But because of this, I was wowed by the intricacy of the chocolates.

I wanted to know more about them. So a quick internet search landed me on their page, and I was delighted to learn about their ethos. Chocolate with a social conscience is a recipe for success!” 

51% of the profits made goes towards growing the social aims of the business in many aspects.

For instance, trying to provide social activities for their precious employees as well as opportunities for their personal growth. Based on recent statistics, 61% of young autistic people struggle and are desperate for work.

Harry Specters Report

Harry Specters has over 467 recipient, most of which are young people with autism. Each individual contributes in different ways within the business.


 To support a good cause, with good taste go to

 or to find out more about #HeartOfSalford



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