Smiths wedding

The Smiths are one of the most famous bands to come out of Salford and have put the city on the map for people across the world.  

The 4 piece, who dominated the 80s with their beautifully complex music, have left a mark on many fans’ lives.  

Fans from all over visit Salford Lads Club, which is the venue where the band members stand and pose for their most notorious photograph from the inside of the 1986 album, The Queen is Dead.

 The first couple ever to get married in the iconic venue is Joy Ainsley (45) and Dean Baylin (46) from Harrogate, in one of the first authentic Smiths wedding.

Joy and Dean
Photo credits- Joy Ainsley

Ainsley described that ‘We always loved the Salford Lads Club and supported it by buying merchandise, for example. So, being able to contribute to a charity so close to the heart of Morrissey feels great. It will be fab to recreate the iconic pose with the bridal party’.  

In regard to finding out if the marital ceremony could happen, Ainsley reflected: ‘I remember seeing pictures of a couple getting a blessing in The Smiths room. I was unaware they were in the process of getting a licence when I enquired. A few weeks after I got a call to say they had a licence’.  

The Smiths room inside Salford Lads Club
Photo- Chloe Banks

So, as the original date was during the global pandemic, this charming couple are set to walk down the aisle of the iconic venue in May.

The couple’s favourite song is There is a Light that Never Goes Out and as they leave, Manchester’s ‘The Lottery Winners’ will perform the quintessentially famous track.

Salford Lads Club.
Photo- Chloe Banks

Hopefully, there will not be a Girlfriend in a Coma at this wedding!

Future brides and grooms can select one of four function rooms for a Smiths wedding that accommodate 20-150 people including, the infamous The Smiths Room which is smothered in all things of course, The Smiths.

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