Remembrance Day at the War Memorial at Albert Bentley Place - Image: Kelly Nguyen

Salford residents are being asked to make a sacrifice and mark Remembrance Day at home.

This year the world has gone digital with many events being cancelled or modified due to COVID-19.

However, despite restriction Remembrance Day will still be marked with Salford City Council urging people to make the day at home.

The Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Councillor Charlie McIntyre said this year’s Remembrance Day would be ‘different but no less dignified or heartfelt’.

Councillor McIntyre said: “Everyone across the country is fighting an invisible enemy this year – coronavirus.

“Working with The Royal British Legion, we are asking people to remember at home for this year.”

Salford City Council will be showing a remembrance service and a wreath laying ceremony online from 11am on Sunday 8 November. Full details to follow.

These changes have been made partly due to many who attend the services generally being in a higher risk group.

Councillor McIntyre said: “Many veterans who usually attend the cenotaphs are older and more vulnerable to coronavirus so I would urge people to remember that and participate differently this year.

“So many brave men and women paid the ultimate price and showed incredible spirit during so many conflicts. Staying home to pay tribute is our sacrifice this year.”

Many have called for people to take a two minute silence on their doorsteps similar to the applause for NHS staff and key workers early in lock-down.

Councillor McIntyre said: “I would encourage as many people as possible to take part for our veterans and our NHS.”

Salford City Council have shared a variety of ways people can remember at home on the day.

These include the aforementioned two minutes silence along with hanging memorial banners and posters similar to those on Salford Civic Centre.

More ways to mark Remembrance Day can be found here.

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