Salford man Tony Preshaw has raised £2,600 for mental health charity Mind after completing 25 ten-kilometre runs during September.

Tony raised a huge amount for the charity, which surpassed his original target of £2,000.

Tony before a run.

Tony completed the runs around the city of Salford. He then completed a marathon with friends after the Manchester marathon had been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Tony chose Mind as mental health was personal to him. He also wanted to open up about his personal struggles whilst spreading awareness.

After struggling with mental health from an early age, Tony wanted to open up about his journey.

He said: “My upbringing wasn’t easy … my mum was a drug addict. I got in with the wrong crowd and was in trouble with the police … I was also struggling with my sexuality.”

At 17 years old, Tony sadly lost his mother to an overdose. He said: “This was a difficult time as I was in college and trying to pursue a dream in theatre.”

Tony outside MediaCityUK, one of his many routes.

Tony since pursued his dream and graduated with a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies.

He also runs a small support group which can be found on Instagram, @time_to_talk_today.

He said: “The main aim of this is to also spread awareness and open up about my own struggle with mental health and I think I managed to do that.”

The 10k runs and marathon required training as Tony had only been running for seven months prior.

He said: “I think for any challenge training is so important.

“To say I have done a marathon is a massive achievement for me.”

Mental health has seen a spike during the pandemic and Tony like many others have felt the strain of lock-down.

He added: “It’s been tough… some days are easier than others, but knowing I have a good support base around me has really helped!”

Tony has now completed the runs however donations are still accepted.

You can also follow his journey on Instagram @tonysmentalhealthrun.

For anyone who needs access to local and national mental health services please visit the following:

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