Last week the government voted against extending free school meals for disadvantaged children during the holidays.

Over the past six months, during these testing times, 14% of parents and 10% of children have experienced food insecurity while 32% of families have also lost income due to the pandemic. 

However, the government’s decision on children’s free school meals and the virus isn’t stopping Salford businesses from coming to the rescue.

Across Salford, many businesses and charities are lending a helping hand to those who need it, mostly by providing food and meals to children during the holidays.

From supermarkets to community centers, everybody is doing their bit to ensure children eat during half term.

Morrisons in Swinton is giving free packed lunches to Salford families.

‘We do really get a great feeling from doing it’ – Swinton Morrisons gives away 30 meals a day during half-term

The Salford network’s spirit has launched a fundraiser to create a holiday hunger package for families during half term.

“Making sure our city’s children don’t go hungry is our number one priority” – fundraiser launched to feed kids over half-term and Christmas

Penelopes Deli, based in Media City, is also providing free meals to children within Salford, no questions asked.

“It was a no brainer”: Penelope’s Deli offers free meals to families after government vote

It’s not only the Salford community and businesses that are helping out. Salford City Council has announced that families in receipt of free school meals can claim them during the half term and Christmas.

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