Visit from the Stork have been helping people in need since the start of lockdown by providing new parents and parents-to-be with access to important baby items. 

The group has offered support to parents across Greater Manchester for seven years by providing them with necessary resources like baby wipes, nappies, and toiletries.

Coronavirus has affected many families, for instance, some are furloughed or have even lost their jobs therefore are unable to afford items for their children.

Kimberly Bond, CEO, said: “My business Visit From The Stork has been delivering packages of baby essentials right from the beginning of lockdown.

“We deliver nappies, wipes, toiletries, formula milk, anything that kids under five need basically to families that get referred into our service.”

Bond explained that people can be referred by someone professional such as a midwife or social worker.

Parents can also message the Facebook page if they do not currently have any professional help.

There is also a hub in Little Hulton District Centre, open Monday to Friday for people to walk in and get items they need.

Visit from the Stork is funded by the government and National Lottery but donations are welcome.

Bond said: “That’s how we’re different to a food bank really, we go to Tesco or any other place to go and buy the stock which means we’ll definitely have what they need.”

Permission to use by Kimberly Bond at Visit from the Stork

During lockdown the team were going to supermarkets to stock up on essentials.

Kimberly and her staff were key workers and explained to supermarket managers what they were doing.

She said: “The reason I started it was because I saw all these mums saying they couldn’t get hold of the items and I knew us as an organisation would have the power to override that in some ways.”


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The business has helped lots of families in need regardless of their situation.

Bond added: “Being able to give them baby items which they don’t have to pay for has been that lifeline which then means they can spend that ten or twenty quid on other things like food or bills”.

Since lockdown, more people have been employed and the volunteer team has expanded.

Bond explained that, regardless of what tier restriction Greater Manchester is in, Visit from the Stork wants to help.

She said: “This project has brought us back to the core of the business which is supporting parents no matter what the situation is.”

The main change for the group during Covid-19 has been from providing peer support and community events to actually delivering items.

As more volunteers go back to work, delivery drivers are required who are happy to deliver across Manchester including Salford.

In the future, there will be an online shop this November to raise money for Stork Support using donated and purchased items.

In January, a refugee support group will be available to provide help for asylum seekers or refugee mums who may be struggling financially.

For more information please email: or visit the Facebook page.

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  1. Susan Vaughan

    Hi, I would love to help in any small way, or however you could use it. I’m in Eccles, and I’m so distressed at this latest report on child poverty, children going hungry and lack of government support. I’m sure you have a great team, if you need me, I would be more than happy to volunteer. I used to be a charity shop manager too, so have an appropriate background, more importantly, I care deeply about our region and it’s people. 👋🏻

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