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The Salford charity CAFOD is campaigning to ‘Cancel the Debt’ of the poorest countries ahead of the G20 meeting this November.

CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) is the national Catholic agency for oversea aid supporting people of any religion or faith around the globe and it has a Salford branch.

What does CAFOD do?

Simon Holleron, a CAFOD community participation coordinator, said: “We are a charity that leads fundraising for projects.

“As well as campaigning for issues which are affecting the poorest sometimes relating to climate change, clean water and now #CancelTheDebt.”

CAFOD is involved in the ‘Cancel the Debt’ movement because of the impact of Covid-19 has had in poorest economies.

The movement finds that the quickest way to deal with this worrying financial outlook is to keep money in developing countries by cancelling debt payments now.

The impact of Covid-19 on wealth

Simon explained that we should look at the “heavy impact” Covid-19 had in Britain and other wealthy countries with stable social and health care systems, and understand how these same impacts translate to people of less developed nations.

Regarding the money used for Covid-19 support in the UK, he said: “Britain does have to borrow some of this money, but because of our type of economy we are trusted and able to borrow at really low rates.

[ Governments ] “of the developing countries have to borrow at a much higher rate of interest.”  

Simon added: “We believe it’s viable [‘Cancel the Debt’] because many of the debts of countries which are in danger of going into a debt crisis have been suspended”.

“Yes, we need to have charity at home, but we need to think about brothers and sisters abroad.”

“Charity begins at home, but it doesn’t stay at home.” 

As free school meals where campaigns are spread across the UK, CAFOD works abroad, Simon continued: “On the edge of Harare in Zimbabwe making sure that those children get a meal when the schools are closed.” 

“The mantra of CAFOD for the pandemic is to survive, rebuild and heal.”  

Although focusing on international causes, CAFOD has a sister organization named Caritas Diocese of Salford, which creates solutions to combat poverty, disadvantage and discrimination in the community of Salford.  

CAFOD asks Salford residents help by writing to their MP’s, to join the movement in social media and raise awareness.

To support the ‘Cancel the Debt’ campaign access:  

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