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With a second lockdown under way, life has once again been put on hold with pubs closing, gyms shutting and socialising being reduced to a minimum.

However, not everything has closed entirely as many businesses have turned to delivery services to keep open and providing us the goods that we all want and need.

Places that once needed us to eat in and leave our homes are going to be delivering from their kitchens straight to your door, including cafes, breweries and fast-food restaurants.

And parks remain open for your daily exercise – Salford has over 60, including lakes, vibrant wildlife, sports and children’s facilities and even the hidden remnants of Salford’s industrial past.

Places open for delivery during lockdown:

An essential part of lockdown is getting in your daily exercise, and over the next month, a walk around the block may not be as entertaining as it once was.

However, Salford is full of parks and woodland walks to keep us satisfied, including Worsley Woods and Peel Park.

Places to go for a walk in Salford:

Although we are now restricted to ordering online, our medical needs still need to be met. Though Covid-19 cases are rising and the doctors are under high demand, pharmacies are still open. The Salford area has multiple pharmacies to meet your medical needs during this lockdown, including Tesco and Boots.

Pharmacies in Salford:

They’re essential at the best of times. Our map shows you the closest pharmacies in Salford.

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