Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week is running this week from 16th-22nd November and is known to be the biggest road safety event in the UK, as this week is supported and coordinated by road safety charity Brake.

This charity will raise discussions about how people can use the roads in a safer way, whether you are on foot, bike, or even the one driving.

Anyone can get involved with Road Safety Week, with schools introducing Road Safety lessons into the curriculum, as well as local communities raising money to increase the safety of their roads, often by introducing safer pedestrian crossings.

One group, Walk Ride Salford Central, campaigns for safer roads and encourages people to walk or cycle on short journeys instead of using their cars.

The Salford group is part of a wider Greater Manchester campaign for walking and cycling, which has over 30 regional Walk Ride groups.

Mr. Harry Gray was the spokesperson for the group and explained: “Salford is at a turning point in its history.

“The city centre is undergoing a huge redevelopment, with an additional forty thousand people expected to move in our city centre area in the next decade or so.

“To keep the city area growing sustainably, a shift change to walking and cycling is crucial to stop traffic grinding to a halt and illegal levels of pollution on Chapel St and Trinity Way growing even more.

“There isn’t enough cycling provisions in the area, but recently a few schemes have been announced on Chapel St, Liverpool St and Oldfield Rd and implemented low traffic neighbourhood’s in Islington and Adelphi.

“These are a great start, but it is our job as campaigners to push for more radical change, to show the council there is a group of people willing them on to make our city a better place.”

For people who are wanting to leave their cars behind for shorter journeys and hop on a bike, Walk Cycle Ride recommend the cycle lanes on Chapel St, Oldfield Rd and Liverpool St.

Mr Gray added: “If you fancy something a bit more green, you can follow the river up to Kersall Wetlands, where you can do loops and enjoy the wildlife.

“A bit further afield, up to Monton, you can join the loop line which takes you on a traffic free path along the woodland and branches off into other parks.

“Best to just explore once you are in on the loop line!”

While these bike routes are safe for cyclists in Salford, some roads still need improvement.

Mr Gray explained: “Some junctions in our area are not even signalised for pedestrians, and bike lanes are just a small strip between a thin line of paint and a gutter.

“These are not environments that allow people to ditch the car one day and walk to the shop or cycle to work.

“Thankfully, the new schemes coming in are of a good standard, they fix many of the old problems, segregating cyclists from cars and giving pedestrians a safer environment to cross the road.

“We know what needs to be done, it’s why we campaign to get better roads for all”.

To find out more about fundraising for Road Safety Week, click here.

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