Expectant mums and their partners across Salford are being offered classes to learn how they can use a new relaxation technique to help with childbirth.

Sessions in so-called hypno-birthing are being offered by Old Trafford-based Anja Mocrieff who gave birth to her daughter at home using the method.

Mrs Moncrief, who is staging courses in the technique across Greater Manchester including Salford, claims hypno-birthing  leads to a faster labour, a faster rate of recovery and an increased emotional and physical bond between parents and their child.

She explains that hypno-birthing is helping you to get over any fears and anxieties people can carry about childbirth.

The technique involves listening to relaxation recordings and learning breathing techniques.

Alongside this, mothers are taught coping mechanisms to subside the pain of childbirth and how to make informed choices during childbirth.

Mrs Moncrief added: “It encourages your birth partner to have a supportive role during childbirth so they don’t feel like a passive bystander.”

She said the method is gaining in popularity after it was reported the method was used by celebrities such as Megan Markle and Kate Middleton.

In addition to this, Mrs Moncrief explained that her sessions are gaining a lot more interest due to the pandemic as people are currently very anxious about giving birth. Due to the pandemic, the sessions have been taught on Zoom since March.

Beth Heath, 29, is a self-employed graphic designer joined a class and used the technique for the birth of her daughter Annie eight months ago.

She said: “I heard about it through listening to podcasts about becoming a mum and from my research, I thought that it would be worth investing in.

“My partner was skeptical but it was actually the best thing we did in preparation for having a baby.

“I had the impression beforehand that childbirth was going to be so painful, however, its not actually bad because there was no point where I was unprepared or panicked.”

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