Road safety week comes into the limelight in November to display all the essential things about staying safe and being safe.

Brake is the charity that had brought this issue up to people across the UK and created an awareness week to bring attention to ways of preventing accidents.

Road accidents have been an issue in the UK for years; according to statistics provided by the government, there have been 1,870 reported deaths from road accidents in the last year alone.

As part of an effort to improve roads across Salford, Salford council have offered to give their top tips for drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians on how to stay safe on the road.

Salford council also offers a way for the people of Salford to help improve roads, through their website.

Through this, Salford residents can, for example, contact the council to discuss if they feel there is a need to have a crossing somewhere.

They can also learn the differences of crossings and the significance they may hold for example the difference between a pelican crossing and a puffin crossing.

Therefore, this raises the question as to what the necessary steps are to prevent accidents.

Charity Brake explains: “Why is speed so important?

“The formula is simple: the higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance, the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury.”

This formula gave life to the ‘No Need To Speed’ initiative which provides a free action pack through their website.

Road safety poster. Credit: Brake.

Road safety week began on the 16th and will end on the 22nd however that shouldn’t mean road safety is not important all year round.

Brake’s free support service is available through the number below if you are ever a victim of an accident or helping a road accident victim.

The National Road Victim Service – 0808 8000 401

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  1. Here is my road safety advice for salford clowncil .
    RIP UP all bus lanes .
    RIP UP all road narrowing schemes
    RIP UP all speed humps .

    Stop using the motorist as your personal cash machine .

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