Gun crime Salford

From 2019-2020, Gun crime in Salford has been at an all-time high, with 74 shootings carried out by 17 different people.

In the last there months, five shootings have taken place in Salford. This has caused serious worry within the community.

Just recently, one shooting has occurred in September, one in October, and three this month.

Salford is estimated to have one-third of all the shootings in Greater Manchester, which creates an unsafe environment for residents.

In order to combat these gun crimes in Greater Manchester and Salford, the Greater Manchester Police have launched an anti-gang unit, Xcalibre.

The most recent shooting occurred due to some roadside argument resulting in one man getting out of his car and shooting the other.

The 38-year-old victim survived and was able to escape with some injuries to his hand.

Many locals are concerned about the number of shootings happening in the city of Salford and are pleading out to local MP’s to do something about it.

The upsurge in gang culture, such as the ‘A Team’, is thought to have played a massive role in causing the rise of gun crime in Salford.

One of the most significant shootings caused by the A team was of local Salford businessman Paul Massey. He was shot outside his home in Clifton in 2015.

Following the shooting, Greater Manchester was renamed ‘Gangchester’ by many news outlets due to the horrific gun-crimes caused by local gangs.

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