The beauty industry has seen a rapid decline in customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recent government regulations mean that many beauty businesses have had to close, despite being one of the most hygienic practices in the UK.

Businesses such as Mobile Beauty by JC, owned by Jodie Collier, have missed out on their schedules booming in the busy Christmas period.

Miss Collier said: “I have had about a third of my clients not come back after the first lockdown so I am not as busy as I was before Covid.

“I can’t guarantee people will have the money, due to loss of jobs, to have beauty treatments done.”

Miss Collier also argued that the beauty business as a whole is hygienic. She said: “For the government to lock us down yet open schools and gyms doesn’t seem right.”

— nathalie ☾ (@pawsandglitter) August 3, 2020

Businesses themselves are not the only ones suffering, as those new to the business are struggling to practice.

Lauren Reynolds, a trainee nail technician, said: “I cannot practice as much as I would like to because of the restrictions, as it is important in this industry to do on-the-job training.”

Mrs Reynolds also mentioned mental health, and she said: “If you are someone who has treatments done, it will boost your confidence and your mood, so it could cause more damage than it prevents.”

Many have argued that the decline in mental health is partly due to the beauty industry closing down, with people being left without the option of treatments to boost their self-confidence.

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  1. Georgia Miller

    A real today insight in to small business and it’s influence on metal health. Also raising the present and continuing trend of middle aged male politicians syndrome and therefore lack of consideration and provision for predominantly female small businesses.

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