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More and more companies are saying that there could be a Covid-19 vaccine by Christmas, but do the people of Salford want it?

PM Boris Johnson took to his Facebook page on the 16th November while isolating, to share an update where he spoke about a prospect Covid-19 vaccine:

‘I hope we’ll be able to start distributing to those who really need it, perhaps even before Christmas’.

Gemma Nixon, a 33-year-old mother of two from Broughton, said that she and her children will not be receiving the vaccine: “I’ve got two children, and there is no way they would be having it – I’d rather keep them home”

Ms Nixon’s concerns are shared by many other Britons. According to a KCL study, only fifty-three percent of all people surveyed would be ‘very likely’ to receive the vaccination if it was offered to them.

Student Nurse, twenty-seven-year-old Hannah Laal, says she understands parents fears about their children having the vaccine. ‘Parents are cautious as to whether the vaccine would produce positive results or if it would result in detrimental consequences, because it has been produced in a short space of time.’

Kirsty Sloan, a thirty-two-year-old Student Nurse, said ‘I think anyone who is vulnerable or on the front line should be vaccinated’.

Graham Wilkins, seventy-year-old Novavax vaccine trial participant from Swinton, says ‘I am not concerned the vaccine may be dangerous, but obviously I want to know more.’

Mr Wilkins first injection was on Tuesday. ‘I’ve had no side effects so far.’

Wilkins has said he agreed to take part in the vaccine trial. ‘I am in a moderate risk age group.

It is the quickest chance I have of receiving the vaccine’.


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    Interesting to see how many people feel Krysta. One proud Nanna here xxxx

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