More Salford pet lovers are being signed up during the pandemic to foster dogs in need.

Intensive care nurse Ashley Williams, 27, from Irlam, is currently caring for rescued dogs Domino and Lara with her partner Johnny. She has adopted Domino and is currently fostering Lara from the Dogs4Rescue centre near Irlam.

She said: “Fostering dogs is so rewarding but it’s also heartbreaking because all they want is love. We love having dogs in the house but tend to try and only take on a foster when we have time off work.

Adopted dog Domino and fostered dog Lara
Copyright: Ashley Williams

“The great thing about fostering a dog is you get a lot of hands-on time with them. They provide me with a distraction from the harsh reality of the pandemic.

“What’s comforting about fostering from Dogs4Rescue is that when you send the dogs back, you know they are not sitting on their own in a kennel. They are surrounded by lots of space to play and mix with other dogs.”

Ashley fosters from Dogs4Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation that supports dog rescue in the UK and abroad. It is committed to challenging the perception of rescue dogs and other animals as ‘damaged goods’.

Ashley spoke about her concern over the influx of people rescuing dogs and buying puppies over the lockdown.

She continued: “We could be looking at a rehoming crisis over the next year. Rescue centres have seen a rise in people adopting over the pandemic.

“I suppose the concern is that, after Christmas when people have to return to work; are they going to have the time to look after their dogs?”

Liz Yongo, 36, from Swinton, works for children’s services and is currently fostering Boris the pocket American Bulldog.

Fostered dog Boris
Copyright: Liz Yongo

Liz said: “I have more time on my hands at the moment to foster a dog, due to the pandemic. I am currently fostering Boris who has come from a home where he was badly treated.”

Boris would have been put to sleep if it wasn’t for Liz making the decision to foster him until he was ready for his new home.

She continues: “Fostering a dog is really rewarding as you can see their character develop when they become used to their environment and being around people again.”

Below are ways that dogs have benefitted the lives of people during the pandemic:

  • For more information and to find out how you can help a dog during the pandemic visit Dogs4Rescue.




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