A student from Salford has been handpicked by TV and radio personality star Maya Jama to be flown to Valencia, Spain for the final of Formula E’s Open Talent Call competition.

Aiden Vincent, a second year TV and Radio student at the University of Salford, fought off stiff competition to reach the last 15 and eventually the final four, meaning he will be making a visit to the southeast of Spain for Formula E’s pre-season testing to take on a series of on-screen challenges.

Judged by Maya Jama, racing driver Daniel Abt and athlete Amazin LeThi, the competition is designed to hand an up-and-coming broadcast star a chance to become part of the Formula E presenting team.

Applicants were encouraged to submit a package to demonstrate their personality and skills to the judges, giving Aiden a chance to flaunt his confidence.

The Judges. Credit: https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/competitions/open-talent-call-presenters/judges

“I love making people laugh and generally entertaining others more than anything else. I’d say I don’t take myself too seriously and try and find the funny side to life as it can all seem a bit depressing if not, especially in the current climate. I’d describe myself as confident, a bit loud and (hopefully) funny.” said Aiden.

Despite this, Aiden submitted his application with some reluctance, only sending it a few days before the competition’s deadline.

“I saw the opportunity for the first time on my twitter feed and it instantly sparked an idea in my head” he said

“However I quickly convinced myself that I’m not up to the right standard to apply and put it off a few days. Whilst on a run I got deep in my head and asked myself, ‘Why not’ and made the video from there.”

Upon submitting, he recalls, it went very quiet for around a month, before he was informed he was in the last 15.

“I thought it was crazy and was very excited, however when I saw the rest of the 15 I soon accepted defeat. Most had lots of prior experience with the BBC, ITV and The Brits”.said Aiden.

But yet again Aiden found his self-doubt disappear, with judge Daniel Abt telling him he had reached the final four via Zoom, and will now be in and amongst the action in Valencia.



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“We will be in the pit lane and in and around the teams, under going on screen challenges where the judges will pick the winner”.

Originally from Cornwall and a massive racing fan, Aiden moved to Salford for university wanting to experience “the big city life” and says the people he has met up here has made the move all worthwhile.

Aiden said: “I just felt Salford was the right place for me. It’s definitely different to what I had expected from University. However I’ve met some great people and that’s the most important part.”

Aiden’s love for the sport appears genetic, as he explains, with two family members being racers themselves and helped form his love of creating and entertaining.

“Racing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad and grandad used to race back in the day and ever since I grew up watching them I caught the bug.” said Aiden.


Younger Aiden and his car. Credit: Aiden Vincent


“I myself personally raced from ages 10-16 and it was great, I met some of my best friends through racing and discovered my passion of making content via racing as I’d take my camera to the track.” said Aiden.

The lucky winner of the Open Talent Call Competition will earn themselves a presenting contract to host Formula E alongside their existing on-air and online presenter line-up at the opening race of Season 7, scheduled to take place in Santiago, Chile on 16 January 2021.

You can follow Aiden’s journey via his Twitter and his YouTube channel.

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