It’s safe to say that this year hasn’t been the most sociable of years with the multiple lockdowns, the banning of household mixing and, above all else, the pubs being closed!

However, this hasn’t deterred some second-year University Of Salford students from setting up a Poetry society this year.

‘When we were first setting up the society, we didn’t take this into account enough, because it was only just the beginning then’ states founder Libby Tiernan.

At that point, Coronavirus was a mere whisper in the streets, and the thought of having to socially distance for society was unimaginable.

‘One big appeal was to take people on day trips to poetry outings, but I think we’ve done well adapting with Microsoft Teams and holding little nights in with Jackbox’ exclaims Anthony Haughley poetry founder.

And they certainly have done well, as despite being limited by current restrictions, the society has become an overall success.

This is likely down to the fact that they have been able to adapt to how their society by host weekly meetings on teams where they can connect with members.

Both Libby and Anthony have a lot of overall aims for the group, some of which include being able to create a space where people feel included, a space people can develop their writing skills,  a space to bring out their creativity, and a space that can prove anyone can be a writer.

The society has a few up and coming events for people to look forward to including a Christmas showcase where they are going to celebrate all the creative work their group has created so far.

At some point, they are going to be selling tickets, so if anyone wants to check out some of their poetry they have produced you can get involved by buying a ticket.

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