A couple from Worsley have turned their social club Boothstown Royal British Legion into a foodbank.

Janine and Ken Bailey have managed the Boothstown Royal British Legion Club on Victoria Street for the last 12 years but have been forced to close during lockdown.

The ultimate aim for the couple is to help those that are in desperate need during the Pandemic.

Janine reveals the importance they have had since Covid-19 and the procedure of how the donations are distributed.

Image credit: Boothstown Royal British Legion Social Club Facebook

“I ask how many is in the household, adults, and children, then from there I make the bags up.”

“I then ask them if they can text me so I have their numbers and I text them twice a week.”

The couple use their function room to store all the donations that they receive from the local community.

Image credit: Boothstown Royal British Legion Social Club Facebook

Janine, however, explained that there is a worry as the amount of people that are relying on the foodbank, is increasing. Those who rely on the foodbank have lost their jobs as a result of the Pandemic and have families to feed.

“Boothstown is a nice place. It’s a really lovely area – people don’t expect this sort of thing to be needed here’.

“It’s been really sad as well, it’s had me in tears at times with how tough this has been for people’s families.”

When asked if there was a particular age range that use the foodbank, Janine said: “Any age group uses them. People donate their food as they have seen it on our Facebook or have been told about it.”

If you are interested in donating food to Boothstown Royal British Legion Social Club (M28 1HQ ) you can contact them on 0161 790 2928.

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