Salford University Television and Radio student, Tobias Peever, has over 22k TikTok followers, and has teamed up with Public Health England to create short videos for their Unisafe campaign.

“Got Symptoms? Then stay home and get tested. Download the NHS Covid-19 app to protect the ones you love.” – From a Tobias Peever TikTok (@tobyosk)

He said: “It’s to inform students the best way to stay safe on campus.

“Everyone brings it up in conversation and even if people just think it’s funny, they’ve still listened to all of the key messages and taken on board the seriousness.”

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 Surveys have found that students are more likely to listen to pay attention to warnings through social media. One student claimed: “I think it will connect to younger audiences more as they’re less likely to read government guidance because they don’t really know what they’re doing at the moment.

Tobias Peeves in University Television Studio. Credit: Tobias Peeves. Salford University.

“It’s good to listen to someone our age.”

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He said: “The videos are trying to come from an angle where it’s more Hey I’m doing this, why aren’t you doing it to?”

Tobias’s programme leader, Lyndon Saunders said: “It’s great to see Toby doing such a great job with his important message filmed on campus here at Salford.”

Tobias is continuing his videos throughout the pandemic.

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