This year has been tough on us all and it is safe to say we are all in need of a laugh to lift our spirits.

Luckily there will be plenty of lockdown laughs and festive fun at the New Adelphi, as their comedy night will be returning as a virtual Christmas show this Tuesday at 6:30pm.

The event is going to be free to air on their YouTube channel at csz Manchester UK – home of comedy sports. So, if you are eager to catch the freshest new comedy talent, you should pop over there and check it out.

You will also expect to see everything from Professional improvisers, unscripted gags, and of course stand up.

Charlotte Cropper said: “I think in this lockdown-era of comedy, being able to produce a virtual comedy night is a fantastic feat and a way of helping comics to keep entertaining audiences while live gigs are in hibernation.”

The New Adelphi ex-front of house coordinator Ashlee Cox said: “I am very excited to see how the audience responds to the new addition of stand-up comedians to the running order. If anything, a virtual comedy night should mean more relaxed audience members, as they can safely hide behind their screen and refuse to be picked on by a comic!’

She continued to say: “Stand-up comedy online was quite a difficult thing as you can’t react with the audience now the whole show is improv games and that helps the students keep their improve muscles warm and helps them learn new skills and rely on their instincts.”

However, this has not totally disabled students from perfecting their technique as they are still able to gather feedback from the YouTube comments they will get.

The New Adelphi hopes to continue doing shows every month until it is safe to do otherwise which will ho ho hopefully put a smile upon everyone’s face.

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