Sacred Trinity Church

A church in Salford has had to move its services online to overcome the coronavirus restrictions.

The Sacred Trinity Church on Chapel Street is currently using Zoom to stage safe events.

Rector Andy Salmon described how the initiative is gaining new members for its congregation.

He said they are now getting around 20 people turning up to the online services which are held on Sundays and various days during the week.

Mr Salmon discussed how there are certain disadvantages to going digital.

He said: “I miss touch. I miss shaking hands with people, or if somebody is upset, giving them a hug. That is part of life normally and it is not part of online Zoom.

“I miss having a coffee with people, but obviously what we are doing on terms of the online stuff works well.”

“It helps people feel connected. As human beings, we need connection to other people.”

However, Congregation member, Dyfrig Lewis-Smith from Salford said he really enjoys the online services.
He explained: “I found Zoom in general quite liberating. I’m completely blind which means that social situations are not always best to me because you do not get the cues of sight or knowing where you are in a physical group.
“Getting everyone onto Zoom where I can join in is probably better.”

The Sacred Trinity congregation during a Zoom session.

Regular parishioner, Sharon Hooley said that the Zoom sessions saved her life during the pandemic and makes her days better.

Miss Hooley added: “I have found the Zoom sessions to be brilliant because you feel like you actually fit in.

“Just because you are different does not mean a thing. The Sacred Trinity welcome people who are completely different. It definitely brings out a smile.”

The next Zoom sessions for private prayer are open 5-6 pm every Sunday and Wednesday.

For more information, visit the Sacred Trinity Church website

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