Pure Gym Eccles will move from its current location in WEST ONE RETAIL PARK this week.

The low-cost gym chain is moving home in Eccles, but just down the road to a larger plot, remaining in the West One Retail Park itself.

In a statement to gymgoers, Pure Gym said: “your new gym will be much improved with a better layout, a brand new look and feel and most importantly will be filled with loads more kit.”

The move seems to have gone down well with patrons. The belief is that the larger area to work out will offer gymgoers a much safer space to work out and leave them feeling much less cramped in their workouts.

However, Pure Gym will still encourage social distancing in their gyms.

Regular at Pure Gym Eccles, Ross Thompson said: “I think that Pure Gym moving to the bigger location can only be better. With more space people won’t be waiting around, in close proximity, to use equipment. More machines means more variety of use which is always good for the gym.

“Switching up your gym routine is good so you can keep enjoying going to the gym. Keeping active is vital in a time like this and it’s a necessity for some people’s mental health; mine included.”

Adding to that, his gym partner James Ward expressed that the move: “personally, […] doesn’t effect me, I live in walking distance to the gym so for me, nothing changes. I’m looking forward to it, I’m sure I’ll manage with the new lay out”

Pure Gym Eccles will be opening on their new lot this Friday 18th December and will be subject to similar COVID restrictions within the area of Greater Manchester.

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