Following Humbug Art’s online ‘Art Brunch’ classes during the first lockdown, the creator of the business has now launched another online workshop for arts and crafts lovers.

The ‘Art for Enjoyment’ classes are now online for the first time ever. They’re ‘pay what you feel’, and anyone is welcome to join via Zoom.

Owner Hannah Brown said: “Lots of people quite like it because they don’t have to travel anywhere, they can just have their pyjama bottoms on and have their coffee on the go.

“Whether you can afford to donate a pound or a tenner, it’s up to everyone to just contribute if they can. Which is nice.

“Doing the lessons online is a good way of reaching different people. It opens it out to different participants who may be unable to access the studio.

“It’s accessible for everyone to take part in, regardless of what materials you’ve got at home… so everyone can get involved whether you’ve got a whole assortment of crafty things, or if you’ve just got some basic stuff.”

The classes take place every Wednesday evening, covering a different theme each week.

Art for Enjoyment classes are now delivered over Zoom (Image credit: Hannah Brown)

Originally, the ‘Art Brunch’ classes where the only ones available remotely. However, in response to the second lockdown, there is now even more to be getting involved with.

Their art studio on George street, Eccles, is where the workshops are usually held in person.

The art studio in Eccles before COVID-19 restrictions (Image credit: Hannah Brown)

Hannah did face some challenges when she first started using Zoom for her classes.

“I had no clue what I was doing! It’s not something that anyone could have possibly anticipated.”

Hannah is used to working with physical materials. This meant that working through a screen was quite difficult at first. However, she seems to be adjusting quite well.

Image credit: Hannah Brown

With the lockdown restrictions still remaining in place this winter, it’s an ideal time to get busy and start up a potential new hobby. Especially from the comfort of your own home.

“It’s meant to be about relaxing, learning something new and getting a sense of achievement, but with the pressure turned off… it’s a good way of de-stressing.”

infographic to show the benefits of joining Hannah Brown’s online art classes

Hannah thinks she will carry on with the online classes, even when the studio opens up again. She wants to give more options to people of all ages and in different parts of the country who may not be able to access the classes in person.

If you’re interested in joining the online classes, send a message to Eccles Art Classes via Facebook or @humbugarteccles on Instagram, or send an email to

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