Salford fashion business and promotion lecturer, Logan McCage is celebrating the 3D technology movement at the university, sharing her passion and desire for a more sustainable approach when it comes to creating garments.

A recent announcement confirmed that the innovative 3D fashion design company ‘Browzwear’ has partnered with the University of Salford, offering fashion students the chance to get a head start in the developing apparel industry.

Logan said: “Not only is this new for us at Salford but it’s completely new for the industry, and because of COVID it’s completely accelerated this demand for 3D fashion design even more.

“It’s accelerated by pretty much five years, this whole digital transformation in the fashion industry.”

After arriving in Salford in 2016 to complete a semester exchange from Middle Tennessee State University, Logan fell in love with what the University had to offer and decided to return to complete her masters and later continued onto a PhD to study 3D apparel design.

Recalling her experiences she said: ”I was more like a business student than I was a fashion design, creative student. So coming to Salford it was completely different, it was hands on, I was in the studio, I was making things, I was draping on a mannequin.

“It was pretty much my dream school.”

Logan began to introduce students to 3D fashion design in the Spring of 2019 and by using her knowledge from another software called ‘Clo3D’, she encouraged the MA students and quickly received support for her teaching to be featured in the course.


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Logan said: “I don’t think just me coming into the programme and saying we need 3D was enough, it was the other MA students all writing in their proposals ‘we see the benefit of 3D’ so that was really exciting and encouraging.

“I’ve been trying to get Salford to incorporate 3D over the past 2 years, but then you have those issues or there’s arguments where people are saying well technology is going to take over jobs, it’s not, it’s just going to make your job more effective and efficient.”

3D design software such as Browzwear and Clo3D are helping to reduce the amount of physical waste produced within the industry.

Logan believes that sustainable fashion is the way forward and said: “We’ve created this industry that’s just waste waste waste.

“I can’t imagine doing this process for every single collection in the world that’s being made, it was insane.”



As a previous Salford student herself, Logan has a new boost of confidence and is convinced that the fashion students will carry this technological revolution in hope to create an effective and sustainable manufacturing process.

Logan reinforced her message with passion and persistence: “What I’m advocating is a complete change of the industry with the use of technology, these fashion students at Salford they’re just so genuine, they care about the global production issues, they care about the impact.

“I just have a feeling that I know our students are going to benefit from this.”

You can read more about Browzwear and their partnership with the University of Salford here.

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