The Positive Solace podcast with Attika Choudhary has been nominated for an award at the Asian Media Awards.

The podcast, which launched at the start of the UK’s first lockdown, has enjoyed a large listenership..

Attika Choudhary, a broadcaster and BBC journalist, created the podcast in just a few weeks.

The idea stemmed from people who were reaching out to Attika for help and guidance due to these difficult times.

This was something that she wanted to do herself with the help of young professionals and wanted to further her vision with people who shared similar visions and purposes.


Copyright: Attika Choudhary

James Ward, a 3rd year TV and Radio student from the University of Salford is somebody who works on the podcast.

He said: “Working with Attika has proved to be a fun and eye-opening experience; I feel like I’ve progressed massively in my field and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on such a relevant and insightful podcast.”

Attika also ran for the Conservative party at the last general election. She got 12,428 votes.

Season one of the podcast was a huge success and featured 12 different guests. These ranged from, Dr Kamran Ahmed (who has also written an article in The Guardian, about dealing with anxiety and well-being within the coronavirus pandemic) and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Nabil Abdul Rashid.

The Asian Media Awards (established in 2013) recognises excellent work n both, the mainstream media and within the British Asian media.

Attika discusses: “It was totally unexpected but I’m grateful that we have been recognized so quickly. The podcasts were made to help others during this unprecedented time. I am incredibly privileged to have had guest who all had amazing stories to tell and useful tips and techniques of how to deal with huge mental pressure – from bereavement, physical ill-health, racism, depression, suicide to family loss from Covid and imposter syndrome.”

Positive Solace is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major platforms.

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