Millennium Point and Millennium Tower, Salford Quays
Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

Leaseholders of Millennium Tower and Millennium Point face large bills as defects have revealed dangerous fire hazards in both buildings.

Charges of between £7m and £16.5m were made in the wake of the of the discovery, leaving leaseholders with bills of up to £100,000 each.

Just over a month ago, leaseholders received a letter explaining the findings in the fire cladding systems. It is believed that the property was built to regulations but over time problems have raised due to the quality of the work.

A potential government plan has been put in place allowing leaseholders to take out a 30 year loan to pay the bill for the building remediation.

Since then the original developer has ceased trading, but Hadrian Property have since applied to the government’s building safety fund.


MPMTSalfordLeaseholders by Mia Duthil-McArthur

Jenny Smith, a landlord of 2 apartments at Millennium Tower, spoke to Salford Now about the topic:

“Any deposit that anyone has managed to scrape together will be gone if the flats have to be repossessed. And that would leave people without a home.”

She further stated:

“The residents that I know, they’re a great bunch and there’s some really good skills within the residents.”

“Everybody’s using what skills they have to try and fight this.”

Both buildings have come together to fight against these charges by setting up the MPMT Salford Leaseholders association. The residents now find themselves as part of the #Endourcladdingscandal campaign, which can be found on Twitter.

This December, MPMT Salford Leaseholders have organised an advent calendar revealing a cladding fact every day in order to gain more publicity about their situation.

Follow @MPMTSalford for further information.

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