A Salford student has partnered with Manchester magazine Floresta to create a poetry competition on the theme of waste.

The competition is for women only and will close at the end of December. While the competition is not Salford exclusive, the magazine aims to seek out poets in the North West.

Poetry and Visual Poetry are the two categories for entry and winners receive £75 each.  Submissions cost £2 for a poem and £4 for three.



Lucy Hulton chose the topic because of widening inequality gaps, the tonnes of food and textiles wasterd and unsustainable consumption.

The magazine website states: “Global waste is estimated to rise by 70 per cent in 30 years and women are amongst those who are both blamed and burdened by it.”

They offer ideas and directions but the topic is open to individual interpretation.

Floresta Magazine is a Manchester-based publication that showcases works by women centered on the environment and sustainable futures.

Ms Hulton spoke to Salford Now about why she set up the competition and offers advice for entrants:

For more detail visit the Floresta Magazine website

Image credit: Sotirios Mone


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