The University of Salford’s football team has announced a new partnership with Soccer Million this month to aid the team financially during COVID.

With grassroots football paused and less university funding available to the team due to the financial toll of COVID in 2020, the University’s football team was relieved to announce their partnership with UK Marketing firm, Soccer Million.

Soccer Million is a UK marketing platform owned and operated by Marketing Million Ltd. From their website, they say: “We aim to provide increased UK exposure to a selected business partner chosen from sectors including but not limited to Finance, Leisure, Telecommunications, Insurance, and Retail.”

4ths team captain Ewan Simmons, (22), spoke on the club’s new partnership: “they [Soccer Million] help the club with finances that we need to arrange match fees, travel, kits, and equipment for the teams.

“We are very excited to be partnered with them as it helps the club massively, as we have extremely limited funds due to COVID-19.”

The University of Salford FC is signed up for Soccer Million’s grant scheme in order to raise extra funds for when their season continues after the national lockdown on December 2nd. Soccer Million says that its grant scheme is: “for every 125 people that engage with our focus brand, the University of Salford FC will receive a club grant to the value of £2,500!

“Our focus brand is currently a large US fantasy sports platform, engagement involves a minimum £5 spend and participation in a University of Salford FC fantasy football tournament.”

Grassroots football clubs have lost as much as 48% of their income during the COVID-19 pandemic and former Premier League and England goalkeeper David James believes that “we are going to lose a generation of football participants” if nothing is done to help the clubs.

To find out exactly where football clubs spend this money, check out the infographic below on the costs of running a football club at grassroots.

Credit: Kai Gibbs

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