The ‘new normal’ will be the topic of Salford University’s first TEDx talk next year.

Speakers will grapple with the topic of how the world will work after lockdown, including how our relationship with technology will change post pandemic at the digital event next March 6.

Professor Andy Miah, chair in Science Communication and Future Technology at the University of Salford and speaker at the event, said: “A lot of companies now are really innovating with the kind of online communal experience.

“We’re sort of not quite there yet, but we’re beginning to see how important it is to enrich these experiences with much more creativity.”

Organiser Brett Smith, a Masters student studying leadership and management for healthcare practice, said the event was not originally intended to be online but the enforced format does actually suit the topic.

Mr Smith said: “Our vision was really to have a live audience to attend – that was our priority, but obviously we’ve had to adapt to current social distancing guidelines, mainly as a precaution.

“That gives us a great opportunity really to reach wider audiences we think, obviously in a more efficient way whilst protecting the environment and reducing the need for travel.”

Co-organiser Nisha Kassam said the hope was to stage a live event in 2022 so attendees could enjoy the excitement of a TEDx event in person.

TEDx University of Salford will be open to the public and free to attend, however attendees to the event will require tickets.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Miah here:

A link to ticket registration via Eventbrite can be found at the event’s website, along with more information on the event, its speakers and its organisers.

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