Five Salford University students have come up with an innovative way to showcase local talent.

Covid-19 has left unemployment for 16-24-year-olds at 14.6 per cent, more than three times the national average. And, with the arts industry taking a blow due to social distancing measures and lockdowns, soon-to-be graduates are nervous about their future careers.

One group of creative arts students are taking matters into their own hands – producing and editing a podcast to showcase the talent of likeminded, Salford-based creatives and providing a platform for those in a similar situation to them. 

With 35 per cent fewer job vacancies than a year ago, they are cautious about getting a job in the industry they love, so are utilising their spare time to help others. 

Vaguely Entertaining was founded by Ewan Sowerby, Jamie Boyce and James Henderson. It has since gained two members: Verity Flynn-Williams and Rachel Balkwill. 

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Ewan explained: “The idea was to create original comedy content, sketch comedy, and video content. We still aim to do that but because of the whole Covid situation, we have had to adapt.

“We currently have the vaguely entertaining podcast, and we have a fresh concept in the works which is coming in the new year.”

The podcast aims to provide Salford-based artists with a platform that will allow them to establish themselves in the industry.

Verity Flynn-Williams explains: “I think the biggest reason for the podcast was interviewing likeminded people and sharing their content. We have interviewed Hannah-Mae Graham from Shock Radio (now head of Student Radio Association), and Jessica Luise from Rock the Breadline. It’s an outlet for our creative content whilst we can’t physically perform because of corona.

“It is an opportunity to give up and coming creatives a platform. It’s helping each other out, it doesn’t matter how big the artist/musician/comedian/actor/videographer is, it’s important because of how much the arts industry is struggling at the moment.”

So far, they have accumulated 177 likes on their Facebook page and have published four episodes of series one. Episode 5, a Christmas special, will be ready for listeners soon.

Verity said: “It’s so nice that we have somewhere to talk about all the things that we love. Somewhere we aren’t restricted by marks, grades or assessment briefs by University.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more content coming from them in the New Year.  But, in the meantime, visit their Facebook page and give it a like: and stream their podcast via Spotify.

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