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A Salford charity is providing food packages for some of the most vulnerable people in the city over Christmas.

Salford Loaves & Fishes has provided 660 food packages in the past week and is set to reach 66,000 food packages given out to Salford residents for 2020.

The charity also uses its building as a support hub for Salford’s most vulnerable.

Simon Locke, CEO at Salford Loaves and Fishes, said: “They’re being sent out across Salford to people who need them the most.

“It’s all about putting a smile on people’s face, whether that’s them meeting other people or providing warm meals.

“It’s rewarding to see people in disadvantaged situations have that hour or two where their spirits are lifted.”

With 2020 seeing a rise in poverty and homelessness across the UK, people are relying on the charities such as Salford Loaves and Fishes for support.

Mr Locke continued: “These people are not problem people. They are people with problems who have been affected the most by everything going on.

“Mental health and isolation are the main problems.

“People are so used to be surrounded by others during Christmas and being alone is something that can have a detrimental effect on someone’s mental health.”

Loaves and Fishes and Emmaus Salford both have bases in the city, as the video shows.

Other charities in Salford are also doing their bit to help the vulnerable.

Patrick O’Dowd, deputy director at Caritas Salford, said people in need are finding it difficult to access services which may not be operating during Covid.

He said people in poverty are also more likely to have problems with insecure accommodation and people below the minimum income standard on zero hour contracts are more vulnerable to redundancies.

Many need help with applying for benefits as they may not have had to do it before.

He added: “The major challenge we’ve got is there’s limitations on space due to social distancing.

“It’s also been our inability to organise events and fund raisers as well.”

Caritas has highlighted the challenges faced by those it is trying to help through Covid:

To help either charity, visit the websites at Salford Loaves and Fishes or Caritas Salford.


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