Co-op Academy Walkden has written Christmas cards to a local care home during the Covid-19 pandemic to connect with residents who may be struggling with being away from family during tier three restrictions.

Over 100 students, ranging from year seven all the way up to year 10, have spent the past week writing Christmas cards to all 28 residents at Walkden Manor Care Home.

The cards are filled with short stories, jokes and pictures to put smiles on their faces during the Christmas period.

The cards will be accompanied by specially wrapped gifts such as biscuits, shortbread and fudge.

Rebecca Joynson, English Teacher and Literacy Leader at Co-op Academy Walkden, spoke to Salford Now about the students’ kind gesture.

She said: “The care home up the road, we just got in contact with them and asked what are the names of the people that live there and we’d love to write them a personal note with a personal touch to it.

“[The students] have written about 4 or 5 Christmas cards for each of the residents and I just thought that would be a great way where it’s not just one Christmas card, it’s a real connection that we want to develop.”

All the Christmas cards and wrapped gifts to send to the care home
Image credit: Rebecca Joynson

The secondary school, who are committed to co-operative values and providing outstanding educational opportunities for young people, believe their students “really care so much” and they are “really proud of them” for giving back to their community.

A year 10 student at the school, Kira, said: “It is a great way to make a connection with others in our community, who have not seen so much of their family and friends this year.

“We hope they really enjoy getting their Christmas cards from us.”

This is the school’s first time giving to the local care home.

Mrs Joynson continued: “We know how our community have been impacted and, our school and all other schools around the country, people and students have had experiences even themselves where they’ve had to isolate for a couple of weeks.

“That can be tough, so knowing that residents that are vulnerable can’t have contact that they’ve been used to for years, we just thought this would be a great chance to reach out.”

Mrs Joynson explained how the idea first came about, why the school decided to go through with it and what she thinks of her students:

The school is taking safety precautions by leaving the cards and gifts to quarantine before sending them off this Friday, giving the staff at the care home enough time before Christmas to go through their Covid-19 regulations also.

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