A Liberal Democrats Campaigner in Salford has started a petition to try and make Salford Quays cleaner.

Alex Warren started the ‘Clean Up The Quays’ petition in the hope that it would draw attention to littering and other environmental issues that are plaguing the Quays area.

He believes the amount of litter and pollution in the Quays is becoming concerning and has chosen to take matters into his own hands.

Mr. Warren said: “A lot of the time there’s large amounts of rubbish in the water that creates a horrible stink, and then there are swans eating polystyrene.”

He added: “I’m distraught at how bad the area looks.”

Along with removing all of the litter that has begun to accumulate in the Quays, Mr. Warren also wants to create nature reserves.

It is hoped that this will provide safe spaces for the wildlife in the area and allow for the vast amount of nature to continue to flourish.

So far the campaign has got a very good reception with many local residents being highly in favour of Mr. Warren’s plans.

As well as the litter in the Quays there are also plans to fix potholes on the nearby roads and put in place disabled ramps for easier access.

Salford Quays.
Permission to use Alex Warren, Salford Liberal Democrats.

The Salford Liberal Democrats want to create more green spaces in the area and the other key issue that they are focusing on for the city is the cladding in the tower blocks.

Mr. Warren said: “I live in the area and I want to make a difference and make a change.”

He added: “We want to bring attention to issues that normal people face living in the area.”

Salford Quays has faced many issues with pollution and litter in the past, most recently when a floating island of litter washed up outside the Alchemist in Media City.

If you would like to get involved or want any more information about Mr. Warren’s plans and the petition, everything can be found on his Twitter and other social media.

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