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There are only so many times you can get a Coke without getting bored, and most of the drinks in the UK pale in comparison to those you can find abroad.

I can’t be the only one who is disappointed with the soft drink selection you get at most shops.

Luckily, I live in Salford, and because of this, there is a wide variety of international soft drinks to try.

Here are four of my favourites, and where to get them:

La Casera Apple Drink 

Available at: Motherland Afro-Caribbean Store

Photo credit: Fraser Shankly

Hailing from Nigeria, La Casera is a devilishly sweet soft drink, It has a sharp apple bite, and hits you immediately with that apple flavour. 

We don’t really do apple fizzy-drinks in the UK, apart from Apple Tango. Even then, Tango is still hard to find, and definitely not as nice as La Casera.

La Casera tastes most similar to what in Germany they call an Apfelschorle, which translates simply as apple juice with sparkling water. 

It tastes a lot less artificial than Apple Tango, and is unlike anything else we have here in the UK. 

Orange Fanta 

Available at: Motherland Afro-Caribbean Store

Photo credit: Fraser Shankly

All of you reading this would have probably had Fanta before, however, you might not have known that Fanta has a variety of different recipes across the world, and these variants can all be purchased in the UK. 

And whilst you have probably seen an increasing amount of American Soft drinks around corner shops, today we are focusing on a Fanta from Nigeria. 

Firstly, it must be noted that I purchased mine in a glass bottle, which instantly elevates any drink.

Fans of Irn Bru will know that a Bru in a glass bottle is infinitely better than one in a plastic bottle, it allows the drink to remain cold, alongside not imbuing that weird plasticy or tin taste. Also, easily recyclable, so props to that. 

The UK variant of Fanta orange is lighter, with the carbonation of the drink coming through more clearly. It also tastes more watery, however, and just is a bit boring in comparison.

Nigerian Orange Fanta has a lower carbonation, and uses real sugar, instead of fructose corn syrup. Although I would argue it tastes less ‘natural’ than it’s UK counterpart, it more than makes up for it in depth of flavour, and the level of refreshment it provides. 

Guaraná Antarctica

Available at: Mais Brasil Market

Photo credit: Fraser Shankly

A Brazilian soft drink, Guaraná Antarctica was created in 1921.

It’s really hard to compare to anything else here in the UK.

The Guarana plant is native to Brazil, and its fruit is used in this drink. It’s refreshing, it tastes very clean, and it’s really light.

If I had to try, you’re looking at a flavour similar to a berry-flavoured sparkling water, but this really isn’t doing this justice; it’s unlike anything I have had before.

It’s got a golden colour, and apparently, Guarana has similar effects to Caffeine. 

Perfect for a hangover, or for a quick burst of energy, Guaraná Antarctica is one I’d definitely recommend, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional energy drinks. 

Oranżada Orangeade Red

Available at: Tesco Extra 

Photo credit: Fraser Shankly

Originally from Poland, Oranżada is definitely not a drink you want to have too much off. It’s very full on, and is very sugary.

Thankfully, the can I bought was 250ml; I reckon anymore and my teeth would have rotted. 

It’s really, really tasty, though, and who’s drinking pop to be healthy-it tastes like liquid-sweets! 

Probably most comparable to a Ka Fruit Punch. As a one off, it’s something I really enjoy, and it’s perfect as a mixer as well.  


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