Salford mother calls for residents to take extra precautions to prevent burglaries in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas is supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ however, many families have been victim to home break-ins and car theft’s in the December period.

Petra Petrovicsne, a mother of three from Salford fell victim to a break-in in her family home whilst they were away last December.

Petra explained: “Myself and my family decided to visit our family back home in Hungary before Christmas.

“We had never experienced a break-in before, so I felt safe in my area and I wasn’t worried to leave my house unattended.

“However, I did have someone close check over the house when we were gone just to be sensible”.

Petra and her family were in Hungary when they heard that their home had been broken into.

“I was so shocked and scared, it was awful.

“Although my children are in their early teens, I am still afraid to leave them alone in the house now because of what’s happened.

“It has been a year since the incident, but sometimes we are still scared when we hear bangs or weird noises, so as a safety precaution we have installed cameras around the house which has put my mind at ease a little”.

Greater Manchester Police have launched a Christmas burglary prevention campaign to show the local residents how they can keep their homes secure and keep the burglars out in the cold.

As part of ‘Operation Dasher’, the police force has collated together the top home security tips in the form of short videos which they will be sharing with residents through social media.

  • Do not present your gifts to burglars – keep presents out of sight.
  • Make your home merry and bright – deterring burglars by making your home look occupied.
  • Making sure your windows and doors are locked if you go out or to bed.
  • Do not give burglars the i’deer’ that you’re not home.

For more information on Operation Dasher click here.

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