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Three Salford artists have overcome Covid-19 restrictions to produce a music video. 

Ewan Job, Harrison Jones and Jack Jameson have all teamed up and used their respective skills in fashion, dance, music and film-making to create a music video for Ewan’s latest song release, ‘Dangerous’.

Ewan, a singer-songwriter is also a fashion student at the University of Salford. He has used his skills to design costume for the video, while also being the voice behind the song.

Ewan said: “I was approached by Harrison and Jack earlier this year, in February or March, to use my music for their video.

“I really wanted to release ‘Dangerous’ as close to Halloween as possible, so that went out on all streaming platforms on Friday 30th October, just in time for Halloween.”

Jack is a film and media graduate from the University of Salford, and has taken the lead on directing and producing the music video.

He said: “I’ve wanted to make a music video for years and even attempted choreographing dancers myself which didn’t work quite as I had hoped. I just needed to find the right collaborators.”

Harrison has completed a masters degree in dance, and has worked on the choreography for the video and featured as the main dancer.

Jack added: “Myself and Harrison were put in contact through Deborah Milner. I approached her about the possibility of working with dancers.

“She then suggested I get in touch with Harrison as she knew he had always hoped to choreograph for music videos as well. It seemed like the perfect match!

“We came across Ewan’s song it had a rhythm and catchiness to it that lent itself to an extravagant pop-styled dance music video.”

Image Credit: Jack Jameson 2020

The video, which is due to be released in January, has been in the works since the summer.

While its release date is still unconfirmed, the trio hope it will be out in the new year.

Ewan said: “We only have two filming days left, so fingers crossed we’ll be looking at a January release date.”

Jack added: “We initially hoped for Halloween but lockdowns and isolations made that impossible. We’re now hoping for early new year and we pray we face no further interruptions.”

To create it, the three have had to fund it all themselves, so kept the budget as modest as possible.

Ewan modelling his home made costume. Image Credit: Ewan Job 2020.

Jack said: “Financially it’s not been cheap but also in the grand scale of things is nothing compared to many music videos. Between us it has cost around £350, the main costs being on costume, materials and props.”

In an attempt to keep costs down, the three made their own costumes. Ewan said: “I designed the majority of the wardrobe, especially the clothes I’m wearing.

“It’s a lot of festival inspired stuff, along with warrior inspired pieces to tie in with the black and white against each other – it’s a big metaphor for a battle.”

‘Dangerous’ has now surpassed 1,000 Spotify streams, and Ewan has more than 1,000 monthly listeners.

His music has been streamed in more than 70 countries on Spotify in 2020.

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