Salford Sunbeds

Salford Sunbeds owner opens a Christmas giveaway to help boost business after a difficult and confusing year for the beauty industry.

Stephen Grimes, 28, posted the giveaway on Instagram two days ago.

There are 16 prizes from 16 small businesses to be won over an eight-day period, running from 16 to 23 December.

Stephen said: “The giveaway is basically to try and get the small businesses working together.

“It’s for us to give something back to our customers and followers, and to try and help promote the business.

“It’s working, in regard to we are getting bigger followers, and everyone loves something for free.

“Everyone’s had such an awful year and it’s about us as businesses trying to give something back to help.”

Prizes in the giveaway range from various beauty treatments, a personal training session to cupcakes and clothing.

Many people in the health and beauty industry have found the government’s rules regarding what can and cannot be open rather confusing, Stephen is one of them.

“When we opened again [after the second lockdown] it wasn’t handled well. All they said was yeah beauty could open but they didn’t say if you could have your nails done, your hair done.

“Under the beauty section there’s a lot of businesses, there’s eyebrows, there’s tattoos there’s waxing. They didn’t set out in stone exactly what could open.

“The way we had to clarify it was by contacting the council, the government didn’t give us enough information.”

Stephen only took Salford Sunbeds on in August, he said: “Before lockdown the business was a nice little business, it was a very popular salon in Salford. It did well.”

“After the first national lockdown no one was really sure what was going to come next. And I don’t think anyone expected we would be, in all fairness, strung along for so long, not knowing whether we were coming or going.”

Stephen said that if things carried on the way they currently are, the shop would be in trouble and highlighted the blow the north of England has taken with the restrictions.

“The north has been strung along, the north has taken the hit, the amount of businesses that could end up wrapping up because of this… I think there’s been an unfair advantage towards London.”

Information about the giveaway can be found on Salford Sunbeds’ Instagram page.

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