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A mum from Salford has set up an online market stall to cope with the demand for vintage scarves through the pandemic.

Laura Holden started her business @ohbettyjean back in 2017 when she had her daughter, but during maternity leave from her IT job she began buying and selling vintage clothes. It soon became clear that there was a big demand for scarves.

Laura said: “I used to sell all sorts of vintage, then I was just constantly getting asked how I tie my headscarves when I was doing vintage fairs.

“I thought you know what I’ve got a niche I think so I just focussed entirely on vintage scarves.”


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Before Covid-19 Laura began hosting scarf styling workshops in pubs, cafes and hair salons.

With the restrictions of Coronavirus coming into place this year Laura adapted these and moved online.

She said: “It’s all just gone online, you know it was complete panic stations like what am I gonna do I can’t just do the online selling.

“I adapted it, so I was basically doing a lot of video selling and styling the scarves up for people on video.”


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Whilst caring for her daughter Laura realised she didn’t have the time to take multiple pictures of different stock for online purposes.

This resulted in Laura beginning ‘virtual stalls’ where she would instead video her products for online purposes.

“The feedback [to the online stalls] was just amazing, I was standing there showing people how to style a scarf.

“I think that made them want to buy it more.”

Despite the ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions and many businesses suffering during the pandemic, Laura is ending the year on a high.

She said: “For me personally, its actually been a very successful year, which I feel very lucky to say.

“I’ve made it work for me, you know you had to adapt this year because it would’ve been very easy to just crumble and say I can’t make this work.

“Its forced me to do something I otherwise wouldn’t have done, so I’ve just been able to shift everything online.”

You can listen to our full interview with vintage scarf specialist and owner of OhBettyJean Laura Holden below.

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