For many 2020 was supposed to be the year of their dream wedding. The start of a new decade representing new beginnings or the next chapter of their lives. 


However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant many wedding are having to be moved or adapted to keep attendees safe. 

Sam Heartly and Darren Whitiker, a couple who have been together since they were school kids in Salford, planned their wedding for 2020 as it would mark their 10th anniversary.

Sam Hartly and Darren Whitiker

‘It felt all romantic, this all started in 2010 and ten years later at another turn of the decade we would start the next chapter of our lives together.’ 

The end of the first lockdown offered hope to the pair that their august wedding; set to happen in the greater manchester area, may still go ahead with all their guests in attendance. 

‘At the end of the first lockdown, we were hopeful things might start going back to normal again and we’d be able to scrape through with our wedding and all of our intended guests’.

‘However, as it became more obvious this wasn’t going to happen with the guests being restricted to just 30. We discussed it and decided after 10 years we can wait for a few more and make sure all our loved ones are safely there.’

The pair have over 300 guests on their list and are eager for everyone to be there as they say they have such a shared life everyone on the list is important to both of them.

‘In our 10 years together we have had such a full life. Full of family and friends our big day is as much about them as us’.

Sam Hartly and Darren Whitiker

‘Deciding to postpone the wedding took a whole lot of worry off us.’ 

It is now rescheduled for 2022 when the pair are expecting to host all 300 of their friends and family. 

Unfortunately, this is the reality of the pandemic many couples will have to be making sacrifices of their dream wedding to keep people safe.

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