The Rotary in Worsley is hosting a virtual Christmas dinner for 18-25-year-olds in Salford with experience living in care.

With Christmas approaching, the time for feasting and festivities with family and friends is upon us. 

However, for those who have care experience, this can be the loneliest time of year.

Tony Clayson, President of Worsley Rotary, stated the event intends to make them feel thought about during this merry season.

Mr. Clayson said: “The care leavers Christmas dinners project is about recognising the loneliness and isolation [they] feel on Christmas when the rest of us are with our families and our loved ones.”

The Christmas Dinner is an annual project founded by the poet Lemn Sissay MBE. The dinner aims to give care leavers a Christmas Day to remember. 

However, the Rotary in Worsely is the first to bring the virtual Christmas dinner to Salford.

This event is held in collaboration with ‘The next step future opportunities’ department within Salford council.

They are helping care leavers celebrate Christmas by providing hampers to those most in need.

 In addition to this, those with children will be gifted hand-knitted teddies and blankets with personalised messages from Smith Knits.


Smith Knits are a Facebook group composed of a community of avid knitters based in Salford.

Mr. Clayson said: “The most isolated and vulnerable young people Christmas day they will receive a high-end food hamper. They will also receive a pre-cooked Christmas lunch. They will receive these handmade teddies and quilts made by a group of enthusiastic knitters and quiltmakers in Salford.

“A whole host of items to make them feel thought about on Christmas Day, no one deserves to feel lonely on Christmas.”

Tony Clayson continued that the dinner also strives to promote human interactions as those with care experience tend to have limited social interactions.

Mr. Clayson stated: “There is a group of people who are completely socially isolated. They left care trying to make their way in the world. They have no social contact whatsoever.”




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