salford vaccine centre

The coronavirus vaccine should bring Salford back to “the life it had before”, according to a leading scientist.

Dr Athar Aziz, a lecturer in biomedicine, says that the new Salford vaccine centre should mean life can get back to normal.

Dr Aziz said: “You can see the impact Covid-19 had on our community, a vaccine should have the opposite effect.

“It should bring the community to the life it had before. If all of us get the vaccine we’ll have our normal life back.”

A new vaccination centre opened on Wednesday in Salford, and Dr Aziz says it’s right that the elderly and frontline NHS workers should get the vaccine first.

“They are the ones that are more vulnerable. Health care workers particularly are more exposed to the virus.

We have to prioritise the people who are more likely to face it.”

salford vaccine centre
Salford vaccination program

And Dr Aziz says the vaccine will have a huge impact on life as a whole.

He said: “In terms of the NHS it will be huge. We may still a minute amount of people needing hospital treatment. But we’ll be saving 99.9% of individuals.

“In all terms, social, physical, and monetary it will have a huge impact.”

With this Christmas under tier 3 restrictions, Dr Aziz said he hopes next Christmas will be more festive.

He said: “If at least 75 to 80% of people are vaccinated, and if there’s more than one vaccine available, I’m pretty sure by next time this year it should be more or less normal.”

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