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The Thirsty Poet is bringing back festivity to a Tier 3 Christmas with a mobile bar.

Matt Concannon, the 29-year-old owner of The Thirsty Poet, runs a coffee stop and bar out the back of his Volkswagen.

‘It will make you feel like you’re having a Christmas Eve, with your friends, with your family, with that support bubble that you can grow and share a really nice evening with each other.

“We’ll bring that cheer and Christmas joy to you.’

You can find the link to book this on @thethirstypoet_co ‘s instagram page.

The Thirsty Poet talking about his Christmas scheme and what it means for Salford in a Tier 3 Christmas.

Mr Concannon brings a spin on the regular coffee experience by performing poetry to his customers.

‘Usually when I’m making coffee and serving people, at an event or wedding, I’ll usually create bespoke pieces for people.’

Matt ConCannon speaking about how he performs to his customers

‘The Thirsty Poet actually started from Covid.

The idea of having something open to people, which was a safe environment, covid friendly and still gave people the opportunity to go out and actually get a cup of coffee or a beer and feel like they are living life normally.’

ConCannon talking about how the Covid-19 pandemic made his business.

You can find the link to book the Christmas bar by clicking here.




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