Rob Nixon from the brand new J13 fitness facility, said: “You’re not going to be able to avoid germs your whole life, but if you can build a body strong enough to combat them when they do come about, then you’re going to be better positioned.” 

J13 has always been something owners Rob, Tom, and Joe wanted to do, and now their business is open!

It is a brand new fitness and coaching facility, where they offer inclusive training and base everything around your needs. Rob said: “They know that they’re going to make progress because they’re being trained by professionals.

“It’s a smaller community, whereby they know who’s coming in, they know who’s leaving, we know that we can control the area and the environment for them.”


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J13 only lets 10 people in at a time and strives to offer people the best of the best, with multiple different choices of classes everyday, 1-1 training, and coaches to overlook you every time you’re in the gym.

Rob continued: “We want to pride ourselves on the quality of what we’re delivering rather than trying to cram in as many people as we possibly can.

“We want people to get good coaching, that’s what they pay for.”



Since opening in October, J13 has been thriving and was fully subscribed with members, before even opening the doors. Rob said: “We basically doubled our capacity, we don’t underestimate how lucky we are to get that at all.

“We were very fortunate that the support we’ve had has been unbelievable really.”

But it hasn’t all been so easy, as just after a month of opening they had to close again due to the UK going into another national lockdown.

Originally when they started the process of the gym in July they had pencilled in January 2021 to be the opening date, but since nowhere was able to open it gave them more time to push and finish the project.

They made the most of the little space they had and transformed a small indoors sports hall into the gym it is now. With the vast outdoor space they have, they also are excited about getting more people outside and starting to train out there in the warmer months.

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They are also planning on doing more outdoor retreats once the pandemic has calmed down.

Rob is a strong believer that fitness can help combat any virus, he commented: “Going forward as a society, if we can help people get fit then we’re going to decrease the severity of something like coronavirus.

“All you know is if these things come about again, it’s prolonged, and we’re helping people stay out of hospitals for other chronic illnesses, that also helps take the strain off.”

For all enquiries, visit their: Facebook, Instagram, and to book classes or request a FREE ‘No sweat’ PT session, visit their website.

They also have a YouTube channel where they have instructive videos for all different kinds of exercises!

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