Fanny Gogh, real name Sian Elizabeth Absalon, is a Salford artist who experiments with multi media and textile art; along with lots of different art styles. This Christmas she’s come up with an idea to upcycle underwear into beautiful fairy decorations for your Christmas tree!


Fanny Gogh Art

Gogh, 49, lives in Boothstown and studied Art at Buckinghamshire University, followed by working and travelling for ten years.

Gogh first started turning knickers into art back in 2008 at her “Beautiful Trash” exhibition,

“I had a bag of frilly knickers that didn’t fit anymore, they were nice lace so I cut them up and made a
Knickerbocka glory.”

“It stole the show at the exhibition!”

A tabloid then gave Sian Elizabeth her new name, Fanny Gogh.

Fanny’s fairies are fun to make or you can purchase them from Fanny Gogh herself through her social media.

“I was getting some fabric to make the fairies, and I thought I have loads of knickers and they they’re so easy to make!”

Fanny Gogh Art

“Get the gusset and turn it inside out don’t have to sew it you tie something round it and that’s that simple.”

“It was a bit of a joke, it could be taken the wrong way but no one cares that they’re knickers.”

Presenter Nick Knowles then shared Gogh’s tweet asking “where can people buy them?”

“I’m ready to do orders.”

“I’m covered in glue with a big mannequin lamp it has knickers on it and it’s a women’s icon, it’s a massive mannequin collage.”

“It has female icons on and it’s two fingers up at some of the hideous pedophiles,

“I’m a great feminist and I’m feminine, if you want to show and express your body then you can!”

“It’s freedom of choice, I love being a women and I love makeup. It’s a wink to feminine feminists.”

Gogh’s main philosophy is that art should be “fun and for everyone,

“It can be serious but for me the power of art is unbelievable.”

She has also been working with mental health charities such as Bravo 22 Company who focus on well being and recovery for veterans through the Arts.

“Through water colouring we produced amazing feelings of positivity, people can completely zone out and forget about the pain.”

“I want to make a holistic view”

Gogh lives with her husband who “helps with sculptures and technical bits” and is anticipating the following years to create and design more Art.

“Male artists peak at 40 and women peak after 50.”

“I believe that I’m going to do my best after 50, I’m a new comer, a merging artist again.”

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