salford tier 3

Salford has been placed in stricter Covid-19 measures after the government moved all of Greater Manchester into Tier 4.

Salfordians will join millions more people across the country under stay-at-home orders from New Year’s Eve after a new variant of Covid-19 has threatened to overwhelm the NHS.

Tier 4 is an order to stay at home and will mean the closure of non-essential shops and one-to-one outdoor meeting limits between households as of 00:01am on Thursday 31st December.

Councillor Laura Edwards, who represents Walkden South, said the move pointed the requirement for another national lockdown.

“There are areas which will be in tier 4 tomorrow that were in tier 2 less than a week ago,” she said.

“Geniunely, why are we not in national lockdown?!

In the seven days ending 20 December, there were 482 new cases of COVID-19 in Salford, an increase of over 20% from previous week. There have been a total of 14,639 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Salford.

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