The Willow classes from Moorside Primary school in Swinton, have created patchwork blankets made from recycled crisp packets and donated two blankets to the charity Emmaus Salford .

Miss Haynes : Moorside Primary School

Year 5 primary school teacher Miss Haynes explains, the positive lessons the children have learned about recycling.

She said: “especially children, they did not realise it was young adults or children that were not as fortunate as themselves and you can make something useful out of recycled materials.”

The children of Moorside have also benefited from creating these blankets.

The school felt it was important to help local charities like Emmaus Salford.

Miss Haynes said: “It was on recommendation from parents, so we just did research and found a local charity because we wanted to do something within our community.”

She then added: “Emmaus Salford and Salford Loaves and Fishes are based quite close to the school, both charities themselves work with Salford rough sleepers, so they were a direct link to the individuals we wanted to target and support.”

Gail Trowbridge, Companion Development Officer at Emmaus Salford said: “We rely on every donation, the more we receive the more we can share with the local community.”

She added: “Emmaus Salford is always thankful to the local community for their support.”

“Thankful to the local community for their support.”

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