The Salford Heart Care charity has received a donation of £3,250 from furnishing company Evans Textiles, to support the charity’s social activities during the pandemic.

The donation from Evan Textiles, the leading supplier of soft furnishes in Manchester, was a valuable contribution to the charity’s administration and club at Irlam.

Paul Callan, Managing Director of Evan Textiles, stated: “It’s a fantastic local charity and we’re pleased to play our small part in doing something positive in what has been an extremely challenging year for us all.”

Evan Textiles’ donation comes from the admiration the company holds in the charity.

Mr Callan commented on how the charity helps the community and those in need, providing a safe space and empowering their members with confidence.

He trust that his donation will bring big support and a difference to the charity he is proud on supporting.

Salford Heart Care runs vital and social activities around the City of Salford through its “Hearty Heart Clubs”.

The Hearty Heart Clubs provide gentle physical exercise as well as mental wellbeing exercises for all of their members.

Evan Textiles’ donation will help the club to continue with delivering it’s services in preventing heart diseases and heart attacks.

The money will also help the club’s work to reduce social isolation in communities and improve the member’s health and emotional well-being.

Salford Heart Care’s newsletter featured their thanks to the donation in their monthly newsletter.

Permission to use screenshot from Salford Heart Care.

Serena Rice, Salford Heart Care’s Coordinator has commented on Evan Textile’s support.

She said: “We are overwhelmed by the Evans Textiles’ generosity.

“We were completely blown away by the donation and cannot thank you enough.”

Brendon and Nancy, two members of the Salford Heart Care and enthusiast model coachbuilders worked to return the gesture for Evans Textiles.

They created bespoke branded vehicles for the company.

Paul Callan said how he is grateful for the gesture and will have the vehicles for display in their showroom.

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