Mini First Aid Salford, Bury and Bolton will be hosting a live first aid workshop tomorrow at 11am, to both educate and entertain primary school aged children.

This free interactive home-schooling session is the second of three online first aid workshops open to all, with the link being available on their Facebook Page.  

The Salford, Bury and Bolton franchise is ran by Julia Stubbs, 39, who said: “People are finding home-schooling hard and they’re looking for different things to do, and the one thing we like to make sure our classes are at Mini First Aid, is fun.

“The children are like little sponges, they’re so ready to learn and it’s amazing how much they take in and remember.

“Kids can save lives. If you teach them these things from being very little, then it’s a lifelong journey and they’ll continue to grow and learn, and the more people in society that know first aid, the better for us all.”

Tomorrow’s 20-minute session is about how to deal with mild and severe bleeds, with children needing jam, ketchup or lipstick, a tea towel, and a first aid kit. Participants can also print out worksheets, with fun activities that help cement learning.

Last week’s workshop was around what to do when someone is poorly, including the recovery position and how and when to phone 999; whilst next Thursday’s session, which will also take place at 11am, is about how to treat burns.

Recordings of all the classes – which are presented by Gemma, a qualified primary school teacher – are also available on their Facebook page after the live event.

Julia Stubbs runs the Salford, Bury and Bolton branch of Mini First Aid

Julia, an experienced trainer, says her 21-month-old son led her to Mini First Aid in the first place, as he was taken ill the day after coming home from hospital for the first time.

She said: “That panic and that feeling of helplessness, I thought I’m not going to be put in that position again, I need to learn what to do in these situations, and that’s how I ended up with Mini First Aid.”

Mini First Aid is a nationwide award-winning franchise, founded by mother of six Kate Ball in 2014, which hosts first aid classes for both adults and children.

Julia added: “Even if the kids only learn one thing in 20 minutes, that is something that could potentially save someone’s life. It could even be their parent’s lives that they end up saving.

“It’s fun, it gives them a new skill, and it’s something different, but also the potential consequences are really important.”

For more information, visit Mini First Aid Salford, Bury & Bolton.

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