LGBT Quiz Miss Blair

Salford Pride is presenting a quiz night hosted by Miss Blair to celebrate LGBT+ history month.

The charity organisation, Salford Pride is located in the Crescent House Building in Salford.

Their mission is to …”Build a stronger, diverse community that celebrates inclusion and equality; where LGBT+ people are represented, thrive and live authentically in our city and beyond.”

The event will be hosted by Miss Blair on Saturday the 20th of February at 7pm, tickets are available on Fatsoma and are free, ticket holders will receive a link for the event, which will be launched via Zoom.

Expect: Fun, games, surprises and performances from Miss Blair.


Credit: Miss Blair’s Instagram


The quiz will be LGBT+ history based and there is up to £200 worth of prizes up for grabs.



“So what we’re doing at the moment it’s LGBT history month and it’s an important month of the year, because it sparks discussion and conversations about histories that weren’t taught in school.

I was never taught about people like Alan Turing, he was chemically castrated for being gay… [and] cracked the enigma code.

Essentially won the second world war or contributed to winning the second world war. And yet I never heard about these kind of people when I was growing up in school.

So LGBT history month is kind of a good time of year to spark discussions and conversations and reflect on the struggles that LGBT people have gone through to get to where we are today.”


PhotoColor, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Salford Pride are known for their first Peel Park Pink Picnic in 2017, which was eventually changed to ‘The Pink Picnic’, in 2018 and the organisation was renamed Salford Pride.

This decision behind the change of the name was so that they could conduct events for the LGBT+ community throughout the year as well as The Pink Picnic.

Salford Pride delivers their annual pride event, The Pink Picnic and also creates other fundraising, awareness and educational events for the LGBT+ community that are all open to anyone, regardless of who they are and no matter how they identify.

The charity became registered in  England and Wales on the 20th of January 2020.

Salford Pride are more than happy to take on extra volunteers, so if you’re interested in volunteering you can go to the website here and apply for any role that you’d like.


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