Martene Rourke of Salford Socialist Party

In late December 2019, former Labour MP George Galloway launched the Worker’s Party of Britain following Labour’s defeat in the General Election.

Martene Rourke, a Salford socialist and life-long Mancunian, is keen to grow the Greater Manchester branch.

She said: “We offer a political home for working-class people who feel that they’re no longer represented by the Labour Party. A lot of working-class people feel like that now. Particularly over the past few years, its become clear the party does not represent their interests.

“So much so, that in the last election, many voted Conservative. This is probably something they never dreamt they’d do in their entire lives. A party that represented working-class interests was desperately needed.”

Martene was already familiar with founder George Galloway, and with the party of his co-founder, Joti Brar, of the Communist Party Britain, which preached a Marxist-Leninist view. She saw it as a match made in heaven, and was eager to get involved.

There had been plans for large nationwide rallies before the first lockdown was announced last March. So, instead, they had to take their activity online, particularly on Zoom.

However, they have still been able to keep busy. They have been supporting strikers in the recent Go North West bus strikes, as a response to the fire-and-rehire policy being introduced. This has included helping them to create videos and leafleting to get their message across.

Attempts so far, to grow the party have been difficult because during the early months of its existence we were plunged into nationwide lockdown, which limited political activity.

Since March the 8th of this year, political campaigning has been allowed to once again recommence in preparation for the local elections. One of the party’s members, Gary Bardsley, is a Salford socialist running for election to the council in Deansgate.

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